NOW RECRUITING STUDENTS AT MASTER OR DOCTORATE LEVELS to join our research unit aiming at studying Synaptic Cell Adhesion Molecules and their Implication in the Development of Addiction. Please contact Dr. BOUCARD

.March 2021

Come discover the many groups conducting biological investigation at CINVESTAV! 

The event will be live-streamed on the indicated Youtube channel. Pick your dates!

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.February 2020


Come discover the many groups conducting biological investigation at CINVESTAV! 

Travel awards are available until March 20th for attendees


.September 2, 2014


Dr. Boucard is nominated in the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores from CONACyT, Mexico

.August 29, 2014


Cristina Paniagua Mendez joins the Boucard Lab as a Doctorate degree student, after successfully completing her oral presentation.

.August, 2014


David Hernadez, Bani Clemente and Jose Carlos Zambrano join the Boucard Lab as Master degree students (in co-direction with Dr. José Antonio Arias Montaño, Dept Neurociencias).

.July 21, 2014


Monserrat Avila Zozaya joins the Boucard Lab as a Master degree student. 

.July 4, 2014


Fiesta de Talleres, pre-inauguration celebration of the newly renovated Boucard Lab.

Before renovations pics: Top three; During/After renovations pics: Bottom three

.June 25, 2014


Boucard Lab receives a 3-year research grant from CONACyT in the area of Biology; Dr. Boucard is awarded a Young Investigator Grant. 

.June 4-6, 2014


Boucard Lab presents a poster while attending the Adhesion GPCR Consortium Workshop in Boston, USA

.June 3, 2014


The company IDT showcases Dr. Boucard's article (Boucard et al., 2014, J Biol Chem) on its Core Concepts page  for the use of rhPCR as a method to detect transcripts ( IDT article ).

.May 29, 2014


Dr. Boucard gives his first presentation as a Professor in the Departamento de Fisiologia, Biofisica y Neurociencias in CINVESTAV.

.May 15-16, 2014


Dr. Boucard gives a 6 hour graduate-level class on Synapses as part of the "Adhesion and Polarity" curriculum.

Students: Mauricio Serano Rubo,  Carlos Tejeda-GuzmanEduardo Alejandro Ogazon Del ToroEdgar Giovanhi Gomez DominguezJael Miranda GuzmanJohana Vasquez ProcopioClaudia Andrea Vilchis NestorDaniela Martin del CampoTharse Pathmanathan.

.May 12, 2014


Boucard Lab participates in CINVESTAV's Open Door event - BIOCINVES - attracting more than 150 students from Latin America interested in pursuing Master or Doctorate degrees.

.February 18, 2014


Diana Guadalupe Meza Aguilar is awarded a 4-year Doctorate Scholarship from CONACyT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia) to pursue her Ph.D. studies in the Boucard Lab.

.January 15, 2014


Diana Guadalupe Meza Aguilar joins the lab as a Graduate student for the Doctorate degree.

.January 2, 2014


Launching of the Boucard Lab: Dr. Boucard is made part of CINVESTAV's professoral corps.

.October 7, 2013

Thomas C. Sudhof, mentor and colleague, is awarded jointly the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on the molecular machinery regulating vesicle trafficking in neurons. 

Interview with Family and Colleagues- Celebrating a Nobel Laureate

(Dr. Boucard makes an appearance)

Video from Stanford University